Tori and the MILK JUG

(well it's really a vinegar bottle but it's become known as a milk jug).

Read on to see how this very MILK JUG

played a role in saving her life!!

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Hi! My name is Tori.

Reprinted from the GSRAW website 9/21/08.

UPDATE: SUNDAY (9/21/08)

What a difference a dog makes!!! I took Tori back to her foster home today after spending the weekend with me - in my dog-less home. The dog I thought was sad and sick and depressed sprang to life once she was in her own environment with her best friend Ari!!!

SO...... Tori definitely needs a canine companion. An older, mature male would be best.
After running around the yard for a while, she showed no evidence of her arthritis or of being in pain. She was a happy, happy dog. I was amazed at the transformation!
So Tori is READY for her new home!!!


Reprinted from the GSRAW website 9/20/08.

I'm back! Some of you noticed that I was on the site for only a day and then taken off.... well, that's because I haven't been feeling so well lately and they wanted to find out what was going on before posting me.

So, I spent a yucky morning at the doctor (they poked and prodded me all over!) and they say I have arthritis in my spine, down by my tail. This makes sense why it hurts so much when someone tries to lift my tail! Which is what they were trying to do to look "down there" because it turns out I have a urinary infection too. The vet also said I have some arthritis in my knees too. Can you believe it? I'm only 6!!! They say that there are things that can help make me more comfortable though......

I also got to go to the eye doctor. That was kind of cool - they put funny dye in my eyes that made my tears turn green. They say I have cataracts. I can see - but I have a little diminished vision. The doctor said that while cataracts in GSDs don't usually grow - they can't be sure of that and don't know exactly what the future of my vision will be.


At my foster home I have a friend named Ari. You can see him with me up above. I really perk up when I'm around him and would really like to have a larger, mature brother in my new home. He has to be gentle, because I do hurt sometimes, but I sure do like to have a K-9 friend. I love humans too! Don't get me wrong!

So I need a special home. You see.... I have a lot of life left in me. I'm not done here yet and I just hope that since I have helped so many people in my life, that someone will now return the favor. I probably can't be a therapy dog anymore - but who knows once I feel better! I'll never be a jogging companion, and small children that might bump me or push on me would not be good either. But I am a good companion. No - a great companion. And just because I'm not perfect anymore.... well.... I still deserve a chance.

I'm the nicest dog you'll ever meet. You know - even with all of the pain and all of the poking and prodding the last few days - I never once even thought of snapping at anyone and they didn't even have to think of muzzling me!

I will let you know how I'm feeling as the days go by and things start to get better with my infection.
Stay Tuned!

Tori is a 6 year old GSD that was adopted out through GSRAW at only 1 year of age and is now coming back through NO fault of her own. Tori has been a certified therapy dog and was, for the last 2 years, a Psychiatric Service Dog. Tori is in the process of having some potential health problems identified, but we will keep you posted.

We would love to see Tori go to a home where she will be able to go back to doing therapy work, as this is what she LOVES to do. She could live with a larger male, but gets a little protective of her human with other dogs in general. Tori really believes she is a Princess..... and that she deserves to be treated as such. But just look at her!! How can you argue?

You can see an amazing photo album of Tori's life HERE.