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January 8, 2009 – Tori seems SO comfortable in her new home. I’m amazed at how she gets along with the cats and the visiting dog. Her birthday party was great – well documented on her Birthday Page. There have been updated posted in December and now January and it seems like a monthly update would be the thing to do. It is SO evident that Merle and her son love Tori very much and there couldn’t have been a more perfect home for her….activity but not too much activity, people but not too many people and someone who has the medical background to understand Tori’s conditions and care for her. This post will be the end of this log and the next updates will be in the sidebar in a separate post! I’m all smiles…

December 8, 2008 - I can't believe it's been almost 2 weeks since she went to her new home. Her soft crate was her comfort place for a few days but it didn't take her long to gradually start settling down in other places. Friday, November 30th, she had her first appointment with the vet in Madison and started a 10 day regiment of a daily shot of gentamycin for treatment of the pseudomonas infecton of her vulva. This type of infection I'm told is resistant to most medications and we were VERY fortunate to have a wonderful person donate enough gentamycin which would have cost hundreds of dollars for her treatment. This condition must be cleared up before any other procedure is discussed. Hip x-rays showed moderate hip dysplasia and also a chip fracture on her right leg which may or may not have to be corrected in the future. It was also discussed that DM (Degenerative Myelopathy) may be the cause of her rear end weakness but the only way to find out more would be with an MRI, myelogram or a spinal tap which would be very invasive and costly. NEVERTHELESS... I'm thrilled that she's in competent hands and that the resources are available to pay for her procedures. The rescue will hold all the money donated to her specifically for her care and medical bills! Things are really looking UP for Tori! .

November 28, 2008 - noon - We've settled into our old routine....feels good. Reports on Tori are good. Merle takes her for walks morning and night. Had some tummy problems but that's no surprise.... pumpkin cures everything! The miracle food for dogs. Vet appointment this afternoon in Madison....details later..

November 27, 2008 - 8am - I wake up... what's this 8am and ARI is on my bed with me. WOW that hasn't happened in months! Kobie and Olivia are walking through the bedroom and come up on the bed and it's QUIET!! WOW... I remember again why she needed to go to a new home! All the competition with the other dogs was stressful to her and therefore everyone else was stressed. All is good... Tori is an only dog again! And this time, she will be the one cared for rather than the other way around!!

November 26, 2008 - 10pm - My house is unusually quiet. It's pleasant actually. I explained to the pack that Tori is in another home now. They still look for her. Olivia and Kobie are doing a quiet happy dance. Teddy is thinking "thank god she's gone" but continues to check out each corner hesitantly. Brita must be thinking who will run the fence line with her. And Ari... well... my guess it that he's thinking "what...ever". We head to bed and again it is unusually peaceful - no barking from the crate that she was in next to my bed when she spotted Kobie or Teddy in the doorway. No Olivia slinking next to my bed so she can curl up on the floor out of sight of the witch (her thoughts not mine). Teddy actually gets on my bed for the first time in months. NOW, I remember why she needed to go to a new home. There is peace in the homestead again....

November 26, 2008 - 8PM - Update by phone: Everything going well. She plopped herself on her soft crate before it was open. She continues to eat anything that's handed to her. (Please note that I encouraged Merle to hand feed her what would normally be fed from a dish at first to help with the bonding process which is what I've done each time a new dog came into my household.) The cats are making friends and she's fine. I didn't know since I don't think she's been around cats at all. I miss her...

November 26, 2008 - 12 noon - It's like sending a child to college I suppose ...what shall I send along? ...what will make her comfortable? .....what might she need that isn't there right now? ....bed ...more toys ...vitamins ......meds .....outdoor toys .....leashes ......collars .....books for new mom records ....her winter jacket ....oh... ....have I forgotten anything? Two big boxes so we load up the van and off to the McDonalds in Beaver Dam which we figure is halfway to Madison. I planned to arrive early so we would have some time together to share a double cheeseburger and fries... Tori had the cheeseburger, I had the fries... well ok.. she did have some of the fries also. New mom arrives and Tori happily takes MORE treats from her and willingly goes in the back seat of her car for more treats. (a question was later asked - does she fill up and say "No thank you, I'm full now, save the treats for later" .....nooo... the answer is noooo... feed her and she'll eat!) Some pictures are taken and I get in my van sobbing... (you know if you've been there) I drive home.