Tori and the MILK JUG

(well it's really a vinegar bottle but it's become known as a milk jug).

Read on to see how this very MILK JUG

played a role in saving her life!!

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The December Update - What Angels Said...

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The February Update

January and February have been a bit rough for Tori. She was plagued by more infection (bladder and anal) and then allergies. She was on several meds, was biting at herself to the point of bleeding and then she started dribbling and became incontinent. It seemed like one thing lead to another and I'm the worst in the world for reporting medical news so I just have to pass along what I know. She switched the food to something for allergies.... not the best available because of the $300/month price tag but a very good alternative. It appears to be difficult for her to get up and down which could be the DM. When I spoke to Merle, she mentioned repeated visits to the vet for the poor girl but she definitely has good days and bad days. Sometimes Merle said it seems like the good days are more than the bad and then it changes and seems reversed. At this time, her quality of life is ok but it seems to me that this girl is not going to have a long one. I remember reading at one time that if a dog makes it past 7, it is likely that they will last into old age but that 6 to 7 year time frame is a critical time. I guess it’s like people who lose a battle to cancer or something else that shortens their lives at 40 to 50 years old.

So, Merle had knee surgery during February with complications so the first few months of 2009 have been a struggle in their household. Hopefully, when the weather breaks (and aren't we all hoping for that to happen soon), the two of them will get out again to go on walks and play in the yard. Tori really likes to roll in the snow. Perhaps with the allergies it feels really good.

Tori has adjusted to her new life and how do I know? When talking with Marilyn right before I lost Teddy, we spoke with Tori and she said that she's content in her new home and loves the people there. Merle told me that she has claimed the window seat and is quite comfortable looking out and waiting for her to get home from work or her son to get home from school. They have a huge front window looking out the front to the street and I can see how it would keep her occupied.

I sure do miss her and hope to get to visit soon. When I do .. there will be another report... until then... keep Tori in your prayers…I think she needs them.