Tori and the MILK JUG

(well it's really a vinegar bottle but it's become known as a milk jug).

Read on to see how this very MILK JUG

played a role in saving her life!!

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Tori - A Service Dog

Tori - Service Dog
A story of love and devotion... and of letting go.
August 4, 2006
This is an update on Tori who came to me through the GSRAW in December 2003 at just under a year old. Tori’s experiences the first few months with me are a matter of record on Tori's “Happy Endings” page of the GSRAW’s web site. It was rocky to say the least. As time went on she NEVER warmed up to 3 of my dogs and Ari, who she adored, tolerated her but didn’t really interact with her. She was very much a people dog and really didn’t appear to care about other dogs as much as she did people. Over time, I had to think long and hard about what would be best for Tori and eventually made the extremely difficult decision to look for a home where she would be an only dog and treated like the princess she thought she was**. It took a long time to make that decision but once I did, within 48 hours, the perfect opportunity presented itself.
I’m happy to say that as of March 2006 Tori is a Psychiatric Service Dog and has given her person a new lease on life. They are inseparable and now Tori experiences everything from Wal-Mart to McDonalds to Pick-n-Save. They attend obedience and clicker classes and plan in the future to be a Therapy Dog team. And best of all… she doesn’t have to share her person with ANY other dogs!!
I realize now that Tori came to me for a reason and never really was “my” dog. During the 2 years she lived with me I trained her, socialized her and took her on several cross country trips. We went to a dog training school, stayed in hotels and with family. She interacted with children and adults alike and was a wonderful Therapy Dog. I miss her desperately but realize that I was simply a “way station” on her journey. An important stop that was necessary so she could prepare for what she was to become. She will be forever in my heart. ~Laurel
** In accordance with GSRAW procedures, Tori's original adopter surrendered her back to GSRAW and her new owner went through the complete adoption process in order to adopt her.
Christmas 2006
Christmas 2006